Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Maipo Chile


Rigorous parcel selection

For each of its wines, Baron Philippe de Rothschild Maipo Chile selects the best parcels in Chile’s most highly reputed valleys in order to make wines which consistently combine refinement and character. Regular sources of supply and constant quality are also guaranteed by long-term contracts with partner winegrowers, especially further south, in the Rapel Valley.


Baron Philippe de Rothschild Maipo Chile has introduced a rigorous parcel selection procedure, with each parcel bering tested for three years in order to ensure that the grapes are of sufficiently high quality to be used to make Escudo Rojo.


Vines and grapes: closely monitored quality

Vineyard practices in all the parcels used for the production of Escudo Rojo, such as trimming, shoot removal and cluster thinning, are carried out under the supervision of a French agronomist who sets very precise targets for yields and for the concentration and quality of the grapes. Emmanuel Riffaud, the company’s winemaker, has established and implemented an assessment procedure to monitor the maturity of the crop and to determine the optimum harvest date for each parcel.


All the grapes are picked by hand in small 10-kilo baskets in order to preserve the fruit. The grapes are then sorted twice before entering the winery: first by hand on a sorting table, then after destemming.

The grapes are sorted twice. Rarely used in even the most prestigious vineyards, this practice demonstrates Escudo Rojo’s ambitious quality standards.


Bordeaux-style vinification

Escudo Rojo is made in the traditional way in order to extract color and substance while preserving fruit aromas and flavors.


Escudo Rojo strikes a harmonious balance between freshness, fruit, oak, fullness on the palate and ageing potential. In order to achieve this harmony, some of the wine is matured in oak barrels and the rest in stainless steel vats. After maturing, the wines are fined with egg-white and filtered.


The art of blending

A subtle combination of the refined and elegant style of Baron Philippe de Rothschild with Chilean character,  Escudo Rojo reveals elegance, complexity and style with attractively expressive fruit year after year .


This great blended wine of Escudo Rojo draws its richness from a combination of grape varieties grown in our own vineyard.


In addition to the flagship blended wine, the Escudo Rojo range includes five varietal wines – Carmenere, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc – and a rosé. All the wines in the range express a distinctive character, reflecting the expression of its terroir.

The proportion of each grape variety in the final blend for Escudo Rojo varies slightly from year to year in order to ensure an expressive wine of the highest quality.

A word from the winemaker